It’s the holiday season, which means there are a slew of parties ranging from cookie decorating with friends to ugly sweater contests at the office. As the number of invites begins to mount, so does the uncertainty of what to wear.  ‘Tis the season to over-indulge in rich desserts, more than one too many glasses of wine, and, of course, winter fashion! But that doesn’t mean you need to overfill your wardrobe with one-off items. Invest in the gotta-have-it piece you can wear with practically any outfit: the kimono. Once reserved for aging women flitting about their dusty homes with a facemask on and rollers set, this robe-like piece has been given new life with a shorter cut and bold pattern.

Whether you’re staying with friends during the holidays, traveling to some exotic (read: warm) destination, or loathing enjoying family get-togethers, we’ve rounded up five ways to wear the DARREL Kimono anytime, anywhere. This piece is definitely worth investing in—and you won’t be spending your entire holiday budget on, well, you!



Flight delays? We feel your pain. But you don’t have to be uncomfortable (or sloppy) when stuck in the airport. Wear a pair of roomy pants with a loose t-shirt for ultimate relaxation. Throw on the floral kimono for layered warmth and pops of color to stick out in a mass of winter neutrals. Even if you’re a few days late to the party, you can still arrive fashionably late.



Escaping the stress of the holidays by jetting off to some tropical destination? Lucky you! Don’t forget to pack the DARREL Kimono. The light silky fabric not only takes up hardly any space in your carry-on, it can be worn morning, noon, and night! While the robe layers well over a basic, it can also make the perfect swimsuit cover-up for lounging on the beach (or your suite). Pair it with the leatherette LIM Camisole  for a bit of warmth after the sun goes down and you’re ready for a night out in a new city.



Reminiscing the mornings past of tearing into the seemingly endless stack of gifts in your pajamas? Re-live the past and throw on this robe-like piece over the adult version of the onsie—a long-sleeved black jumpsuit with metal eyelets details and a teardrop cutout back. Or just slip it on over your actual PJs! We’re not here to judge.

Family Holiday.PNG
Friend Holiday.PNG


Throw on this robe-like piece over a dark turtleneck  for cozy comfort and pair it with a pair of black asymmetrical shorts with sheer black tights underneath to show a bit of skin while creating depth in contrasting lengths and angles. You’ll be the belle of the ball in a demure, yet flirty ‘fit. We’ll cheers to that!

Stefano Larese